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Homelessness - Societal Problem

posted May 17, 2018, 9:39 AM by Andrew Chadick

There are many different ways to look at the problems associated with homelessness.   First and foremost, one must understand what it means to be homeless, and what it is not. 

Many find themselves in this situation for a number of reasons, loss of a job, family disowns them, run away from home, abusive relationships, addiction, mental illness, and even natural disaster.  

Being homeless means that you are dependent on only yourself for survival.  You feel as though you have lost everything of value, and that there is no place you can go.  You have hit bottom. Being homeless is embarrassing, makes you feel as less than, and is emotionally devastating.
Friends and acknowledgement by others, including conversation or any social interaction becomes more valuable than things.  When you have lost everything, those that connect with you, and are kind, mean more than anything.  

Maintaining hope is paramount.  For those that want to help a homeless person that is willing and able, and wants to reintegrate back in to society, there are both short term needs and long term needs.  
Basic necessities that need to be met are food, shelter, medical aid, and clothing.  Any and all of these help. 
Note: too much of any of these can make the situation worse if there is no where to store excess items.  You just end up with waste and excess scattered around.

Homelessness has many faces and many problems, especially in the form of healthcare.  There is a distinct lack of resources available.  No insurance, no way to pay bills, embarrassment about situation and appearances, lack of knowledge or where to go or how to apply for help.  Lack of transportation.  All of these are huge barriers to helping get people back on their feet.  Even when getting medical help that was sought, there are issues with that healthcare, some medical practitioners don't understand the conditions that may be present in the every day environment, poor hygiene, frequent infections from living in areas that aren't ideal, abuse, and not being able to come back for future appointments are all big issues.

There are those that are homeless, whom simply don't want help, or are too sick, either mentally or physically to care about being part of society.  There is a chunk of the homeless population that has a mental illness, schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar disorder, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and low functioning anxiety are just a few.
Many also self medicate, and have a problem with substance abuse - drugs and/or alcohol.  
Disease is also an issue, everything from AIDS/HIV and Hepatitis, to heart, liver, and/or kidney diseases.  There are also side effects of being homeless that one must deal with, heat exhaustion and frost bite are huge.  Then there is the normal stuff that we take for granted, asthma, digestive disorders, and even diabetes.

When dealing with the homeless, many have stereotypes that have been introduced to them while growing up, movies, television, even the radio has projected what is and what is not homelessness.  Homeless are not wanting a job, they choose to be homeless, they don't want help - they just want money for booze and drugs, they are uneducated, they are lazy, and they all have addictions.  These are all hurdles that have to be overcome.

There ARE many different types of homelessness; but remember there are too those that need help, and want to be back on their feet, they want a home, and be part of society; there are families and individuals with kids living and trying to get by, doing everything possible to get back in to a home, and reintegrate with the lifestyle they lost.  There are also individuals that made choices that led to homelessness, but are wanting help to recover and get back on the path to reintegration.  These are high priorities for those that are looking to help the homeless.
But there are the others, what do you do, how do you help those that are too sick, or so mentally ill to either help themselves, or others, and see a helping hand as anything more than a temporary crutch to just get by and maintain the status quo.  
How do you help them?  How do you get them the healthcare they need, the medication they need to stabilize or get their mental clarity back?  

For society, there are the obvious issues, people on the street with 'help me' signs, and tents on the sidewalks and under bridges, in our proverbial back yards.  There are homeless living next to streams, in parks, on public property. Everyone walking by feels for them, but doesn't want them there.  What choice do you have?  

Help the homeless or ignore it and hope it all goes away?  

Handing the homeless a dollar or two isn't helping.  

Help needs to come as a package deal, a place of shelter, food, clothing, and medical care - with NO STRINGS attached to that help.  There are non-profits that help.  There aren't enough.  How do you get funding so you can make more of an impact?    

I can tell you this, hoping it, homelessness, will all magically go away, it isn't working.  We as a society need to act.  

In regard to Seattle specifically;  It has been suggested that Seattle just has a culture of homelessness, which is why the homeless population is one of the highest per capita in the nation, and that our problems revolve around this culture of acceptance. 

It has also been suggested that our local government is just enabling the problem and making it worse.  
Is Seattle just enabling the problems of the homeless and further just seeking more funding through taxation just to make the problems associated with homelessness worse?  

I guess this really depends on how you look at it.  

Seattle is spending a lot of money trying to help, and they are floundering, trying to come up with results. The local government is trying to do something.  Is it effective? Are they making a difference? reports that Seattle spent $53 million in 2017 on homelessness and related problems, with a return of helping over 5,000 people get back on their feet, get back in to permanent housing and rejoin society.  
Ask yourself, what price is worth the end result of ending homelessness?  What amount of money is worth the return?  This is an open ended question.  There is no right answer.  There needs to be an answer, and we need to put our minds together to come up with a few, not just one.    

Then there is big question: Let's say you build it, so they will come, you have all the housing, places set up, medical ready, food banks, and anything someone would want or need to get back on their feet... What if they don't come? What if they refuse to come?  What do you do then?  

Google Apps for Business & iOS Mail App only syncs on WiFi

posted May 7, 2018, 11:27 AM by Andrew Chadick   [ updated May 11, 2018, 8:45 AM ]

If you have a work email account for Google Apps, and your work email and calendar are coming over to your iOS device through the Google Apps, Gmail, and Google Calendar, but, your built in iPhone email tool and contacts are not syncing, its because of a back end change on Google Suite.  The fix is actually pretty straight forward.  

You must have the Gmail app and Google Calendar installed and working.  Then go to Settings on your iOS device
Tap Accounts & Passwords.  Delete off any existing Google Work email accounts from the list.

Then, Add Account
Tap Next
Enter your G Suite email address (your work email address)
Enter a description, like work email
Tap Next in the upper right
Tap sign in/manual configuration when prompted down below.
Then a password box will appear.   Type in your password for your G Suite Account.
(Note: if you have 2 factor enabled, you will have to create a App specific password, and type that into this box.)
Tap Next/Continue in the upper right.

After a while a new box will appear with server name and user account as options.
For server name, you must enter
For your user name, enter in your full work email address.
Tap Next.

Check marks will appear down a list of settings.  

Once everything is checked, tap in the upper right to finish/save.
Now wait a few moments, your contacts, email, and calendar will start to synchronize once again.

Note: For some this is the only thing you need to do to reestablish email, calendar and contacts, but for others, the problem persists, and further is complicated by the onboard mail app working to get email while on wifi, but not on cellular.

There is a setting called "Cellular".   Make sure Cellular Data is set to On. 
(Also check and make sure LTE is set to either calls and data, or just data.)

Then continue down this same screen, note the apps that are allowed to use cell data.  

You may see this:

If you do note that the slider is off for "Mail", just move it to the "on" position.  

Email should start working again on both wifi and cellular.    

See Google knowledge base article:


posted Mar 28, 2018, 12:20 PM by Andrew Chadick   [ updated Mar 29, 2018, 8:00 AM ]

Open the Group Policy Object (GPO)

Navigate to Computer Configuration, Policies, Administrative Templates, Network, Network Connections, Windows Firewall, Domain Profile.
Double-click Windows Firewall: Allow inbound Remote Desktop exceptions.
Set this to Enabled and add the addresses that can connect. This could be * for all IP addresses, specific subnets, or localsubnet for only the local subnet.
(Something like will also work)
Click OK.

Navigate to Computer Configuration, Policies, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, Remote Desktop Services, Remote Desktop Session Host, Connections.
Double-click Allow users to connect remotely using Remote Desktop Services, set it to Enabled, then click OK.
Close the Group Policy object and make sure it's linked to the required locations.

Start Menu and Cortana - Restoring Health

posted Mar 27, 2018, 7:43 AM by Andrew Chadick   [ updated Mar 29, 2018, 7:59 AM ]

What's bugging me right now? Version 1709, it's messing up Windows Search.  Even clicking Cortana, and typing Notepad nets zero responses.  Fixing it is a PITA.

First Method:
Make sure you have the latest 1709: 
Install  windows10.0-kb4089848-x64_db7c5aad31c520c6983a937c3d53170e84372b11
Then use the System file checker utility in Windows to scan for corruptions in Windows system files and restore corrupted files. Run system file checker (SFC) and see if it helps. Please follow these steps:
a. Open command prompt (CMD) (run as administrator).
b. Type the following command press Enter.       sfc /scannow

Second Method:
Run DISM tool using these steps:
a. Open the command prompt (CMD) (run as administrator).
b. Type the following command in command prompt and press Enter.   DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth
After the scan is complete, type the following and press Enter.            DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Third Method: (last resort)
If that doesn't work, regedit, delete the user profile list entry, then remove profile from c:\users.  Restart. Log that user back in, and Active Directory will rebuild the profile.  Your user will not be happy because they will have to sign in to everything that was cached previously;  
But THIS will work, and both Windows start and Cortana search will function again as it should.

Pi Day 2018 - Pie Recipe as posted on Google

posted Mar 14, 2018, 8:11 AM by Andrew Chadick   [ updated Mar 29, 2018, 7:40 AM ]

Happy Pi Day!

Celebrated each year on March 14th (3.14), Pi Day is dedicated to the mathematical constant, Pi. First recognized 30 years ago in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw, Pi Day observers often celebrate with a slice of their favorite pie in honor of the number’s delicious sounding name.

Notated by the Greek letter “𝛑”, pi represents the ratio between a circle’s circumference (perimeter) to its diameter (distance from side to side passing through the center), and is a fundamental element of many mathematical fields, most significantly Geometry. Though modern mathematicians have calculated more than one TRILLION decimal places beyond the standard “3.14,” pi is an irrational number that continues on to infinity! It’s an important ingredient in the formula for the area of a circle, A=𝛑r².

Today’s delectable Doodle - baked & built by award-winning pastry chef and creator of the Cronut® Dominique Ansel - pays homage to this well-rounded mathematical constant by representing the pi formula (circumference divided by diameter) using — what else — pie!

Go behind-the-scenes of today’s Doodle below!

Feel free to whip up your own Pi Day pie with Dominique’s personal recipe below!

Salted Caramel Apple Pie

by Dominique Ansel

(Makes 1 pie)

Pie Dough


4 cups flour

2 tbsp sugar

½ tbsp salt

3 sticks unsalted butter, cold and cubed

2/3 cup cold water


  1. In a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, combine flour, sugar, and salt on medium-low speed (about 30 seconds).

  2. Increase speed to medium and stream in cold water, followed by cold butter cubes. Continue mixing on medium speed (about 2 minutes). Stop mixing just before the butter is fully incorporated (the dough will look streaky and the pieces of butter should be about the size of peas).

  3. Transfer the dough onto a floured surface and divide in two balls.  Flatten each into a disk, wrap in plastic and chill for at least 1 hour.


Apple Pie Filling


8 apples, peeled, cored, sliced (I like to use Honeycrisp apples)

1/3 stick unsalted butter

¼ cup cornstarch

¾ cup sugar

1/3 dark brown sugar

¼ cup bourbon

1 cup apple cider

pinch of nutmeg

1½ tsp cinnamon

¼ tsp sea salt



  1. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together cornstarch, sugar, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and salt. Add apple slices and toss until apples are evenly coated.

  2. Melt butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add apples into melted hot butter. Pour in apple cider and bourbon. Cook on medium heat, stirring occasionally, until apples are tender (about 30 minutes).

  3. Remove from heat, let cool to room temperature.


Salted Caramel Sauce


2 cup sugar

2 2/3 cups heavy cream

4 tbsp light corn syrup

½ cup dark brown sugar

2 tsp fleur de sel


  1. In medium pot, bring all ingredients to a boil, gently stirring occasionally. Once the mixture has reached 230°F (it will get noticeably thicker), remove from the heat and pour into a non-plastic container (i.e. a pyrex or metal mixing bowl). Let cool to room temperature.   

  2. Once at room temperature, whisk well and then chill in the fridge until needed (TIP: the caramel sauce can be made up to 2 weeks ahead; you can also drizzle it over ice cream or add into your coffee!).

  3. 1 hour before you’re ready to assemble the pie, remove the sauce from the fridge and bring to room temperature.


To Assemble & Bake

Pie dough (chilled)

Apple pie filling (cooled)

Salted caramel sauce (cooled)

1 egg, beaten (for egg wash)


  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F.

  2. On a floured surface, roll out 1 call of dough into a 12-inch round, then transfer to a 9-inch pie dish, pressing gently down and up the sides. Pour cooled apples into the pie shell. Drizzle some of your salted caramel sauce across the apples.

  3. Roll out the other ball of dough. Cut strips that are 1” wide and 12” long.  Arrange half of your dough strips across pie. Form a lattice by arranging the other half of the strips diagonally across the first strips. Seal the edges by pressing around the rim of the pie with a fork. Trim around the edges as needed.

  4. Brush the surface of the pie with egg wash. Bake for 35-40 minutes until crust is deep golden brown. Let cool on a rack for 30 minutes, then drizzle more of the salted caramel sauce on top and serve.


VMWare Workstation install / Debian based Linux

posted Mar 6, 2018, 7:08 AM by Andrew Chadick

1.  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

2.  sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`

3.  cd ~/Downloads

4.  chmod +x VMware-Workstation-Full*.bundle

5.  sudo ./VMware-Workstation-Full*.bundle

Follow the graphical prompts from there.

Note: I prefer to set up the Workstation, get it going, then in Preferences, set it to continue running after closing Workstation.  Close Workstation, then use Remmina Remote Desktop Client, and term serv in to the desktop.  I find that it is much more responsive.

Chrome eating too many resources?

posted Feb 15, 2018, 2:55 PM by Andrew Chadick

I have had a situation over the last few months, where Chrome is opening too many process, eating too much memory, and causing the host system to become unstable.  Through experimentation, I found that if you disable the setting "Memory Ablation Experiment" from within Chrome://Flags the system becomes a lot more stable.  Your mileage may vary, but for me, this is working.


Authors and Books - Favorite Audio Books

posted Feb 3, 2018, 10:15 AM by Andrew Chadick   [ updated Mar 29, 2018, 7:38 AM ]

This is a range of styles and types of books, from ones geared for little ones, to very adult.  
(All are of a supernatural bent and are not in any particular order)

Patricia Briggs - Mercedes Thompson
Chloe Neill - Chicagoland Vampires
Dannika Dark - Mageri
Kalayna Price - Alex Craft
Carrie Vaughn - Kitty Norville
Allyson James - Stormwalker
Ilona Andrews - Kate Daniels
Laurell K Hamilton - Anita Blake
Rachel Caine - The Morganville Vampires
Lynsay Sands - Argeneau
Jeaniene Frost - Night Huntress
Christopher Farnsworth - Nathaniel Cade
Jim Butcher - Dresden Files
Eoin Colfer - Artemis Fowl
JD Tyler - Alpha Pack
Tamora Pierce - Song of the Lioness
Jonathan Stroud - Bartimaeus
JK Rowling - Harry Potter
Orson Scott Card - Ender's Game
Stephanie Meyer - Twilight
Robin Hobb - Farseer Trilogy
Terry Goodkind - Sword of Truth
Ally Carter - Gallagher Girls
Cassandra Clare - Draco Trilogy
Neal Stephenson - Snow Crash
Brom - Krampus The Yule Lord
Helen Harper - Slouch Witch

Can't access SMB file shares after Windows 10 Updates

posted Feb 1, 2018, 2:24 PM by Andrew Chadick   [ updated Feb 1, 2018, 2:31 PM ]

Open Regedit as Administrator

Then Modify the registry on the workstation:
Create DWORD (32 bit) "SMB2" = with value 0

Create DWORD (32 bit) "EnableOpLocks" = with value 0

Reboot, you can then after logging back in, access  \\fileserver\share    the  smb://  shares.

Burger and Fries

posted Jan 30, 2018, 2:19 PM by Andrew Chadick   [ updated Mar 29, 2018, 7:40 AM ]

Fries -
Best to do outside; Use an outdoor BBQ side burner.  Large 4 quart pan to boil the oil.  (Infared thermostat to measure the temp). Use basket strainer spoon to lower fries in to oil. (approx 2" of oil.)

Use Canola oil for those with allergies, or Duck Fat cut with Peanut Oil for those that aren't allergic.
Bring oil to min of 325 degrees with max of 375 degrees and maintain temp while prepping the fries. 

Use Kenebec potatos.  Slice them into home fries, then soak in cold water.  Move the fries around to rinse the starch off of the potatos.  Then extract them, and pat them dry.  (this is an important step).

Lower fries in to oil with basket strainer/spoon.  Cook until golden brown, remove, and then immediately sprinkle kosher salt on to fries.  Salt will bond to the surface of the fries.  Kosher salt provides an excellent flavor to the fries.

Fry Sauce - homemade Thousand Island (portions posted later)
Best Foods Mayo
Sweet pickle relish
Barley Malt Vinegar
Worcestershire sauce
pinch of kosher salt
lemon rind
Whisk to combine

Cook sliced onions in beer, and cook down.  Then remove onions and put in ketchup, put mix in smoker with apple wood for 1 hour.  Take result, and blend until smooth.

The Burger -
Cast iron skillet
80/20 ground chuck  (or as an option- Ground Turkey with finely diced bacon - Turkey patties should be 1/4" thick)

Make 4 ounce beef patties - put small amount of canola oil and brush on to plate surface, and back of other plate, put meat between plates and press until 1/2 thick.  Remove meat and salt/pepper both sides.  Then brush yellow mustard on both sides.  Fry on cast iron. 
(Fry until that first side is nearly burnt, should be crisp and dark.  Flip and add cheese.

If you want red onion on the burger, slice thin, then soak slices in cold water until ready to plate.  Pat Dry before plating.

Iceberg Lettuce notes:  Take head of lettuce and pound it, with stem side down on table top, 2 quick thumps.  Stem should just pop out.  Take lettuce leaves, outer ones, and press flat.  Cut them just larger than the bun size, in triangles.  2 leaves per burger.

Bun is a brioche bun.  After removing burgers, add small amount of oil and turn off the heat.  Put bun slices face down on pan and move around a little.  Buns will use the oil and the oil will prevent the bun from sticking to surface.  Butter or duck fat can also be used instead of oil.

Top Bun: ketchup only
Bottom bun: (this order) Mayo, pickle slices, red onion slices, iceberg triangles, then burger with cheese.

Malted Choc Shake to go with?
2 cups chocolate ice cream
6 tablespoons milk
4 tablespoons malted milk powder
Blend until fully incorporated.

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