Domain Mapping with WordPress and Gmail Backend

posted May 10, 2012, 8:31 AM by Unknown user
If you want to have nearly free hosting, the best way to get a website
up, and have a robust email/calendaring system is to link WordPress
and Gmail.

Step 1, purchase your domain, doesn't really matter where...
Step 2, sign up with WordPress, and purchase Domain Mapping.
Step 3, in Domain mapping on the WordPress Site, it will give specific
DNS settings to map on your Domain Site. Point to WordPress.
Step 4, Once the Domain is mapped over to WordPress, Sign up with
Google, and open up a GoogleApps Account.
Step 5, Open the GoogleApps control panel, and start the verification
process to show ownership of the domain. Complete only the
verification as far as Email is concerned.
Step 6, Point the MX records in the WordPress Mapping control panel to

I know it sounds a bit complicated, but, it really isn't. It is a
totally painless procedure... and once up and running... the two work
really well together.

WordPress mapping as of this post is $12 per year.... add on the cost
of owning a domain... maybe $20-40/year... not too bad for hosting and