Linux Ubuntu 10.04/10.10 on Latitude E6410

posted May 10, 2012, 8:26 AM by Unknown user
I tend to buy a laptop after reading, pouring over spec's and coming
to a conclusion about which one is best for me... I set my sights on
the Dell Latitude E6410. The reason I chose this one right off, is
simply because it is one of the best built laptops I have come across.
 It is made mostly to be durable, it has many metal parts, and the
system comes with a factory 3 year warranty.  There are very few
laptops that come with this kind of backing.

To me, that kind of warranty says a lot about the unit.  Now, go to
Dell's site and customize the spec's a bit, and you can end up with
one powerful desktop replacement... Intel i7, 8GB RAM, 500GB or SSD
Drives, DVD Burner, Backlit Keyboard (my fav part), and so very much

Since I put in so much effort in to my research, people often ask me,
what I recommend for them... and of course, I say, you should get what
I bought!  Then the questions come about how to put on the OS or OSes
that I put on mine... well, this little step by step is for my
friends, so that they can duplicate what I have done.  Hopefully you
will find it useful too....

Below you will find a play by play walkthrough of how to install
Ubuntu 10.10... Note: this same walk through works for 10.04 with some
minor changes...

Step One, - download and burn ISO of 10.10.  I am using
the x86 version for this example.

Press F12 on boot, select boot from CD.

Press ESC after you see the logo with the Keyboard and David Symbol.

Select Language

Highlight Install, press F6,  then highlight and press enter on nomodeset

Press Esc, you will notice that you have a line of entries at the
bottom, back space on it, removing the "quiet splash --", in it's
place type, nomodeset

Press Enter

You will see quite a few buffer errors, etc on screen, just ignore them.

After a few minutes you will see the Ubuntu 10.10 background and install screen.

For this example, I selected English, then selected both optional
Check boxes to Download updates, and the MP3 Plugin/MPEG Encoder.

I am installing mine side by side with Windows Server 2008... so I did
some custom formatting... you can choose what you want here...

Select your time zone / Then Keyboard Layout / UserName and PassCode

I am choosing to Require PassCode for Login, and not to encrypt the
home folder... This is up to you... (Please Note, I highly recommend
that you make a "Strong Password" for your login password.  If it
doesn't show as Strong, then choose a different one.

After accepting the above, you just sit back and wait... depending on
your selections, it can take quite a while... (approx 24 minutes)

Click Restart Now / Disk will eject during shutdown, press enter

Immediately after the Dell Bios Splash, press E a few times.  This
will bring up the boot loader screen.

Go to the line that says... "linux /boot/vmlinuz"..." Press the End
Key... backspace over quiet splash, and in its place type  in

Hold down CTRL and Press X.  In just about 20 seconds you should be at
the Login Window.

Congrats,... you have just installed Ubuntu on your Latitude.

Now, let me tell you a secret about the Dell Latitude, and where to
buy it,... don't get a new one... instead, go here:

The best thing to do is go to the Dell Refurb models... spec up a
machine just the way you want... then while going through the
checkout.. make sure you absolutely apply the accidental damage
converage to be added to your warranty... This warranty is the
absolute best warranty Dell offers, and I tell you this, if something
happens, anything, a sticker falls off, the screen breaks, whatever..
they will replace it. They will send someone out the next day!

Anyway,... Check it out... you will be impressed with this laptop...
and if you choose to put Ubuntu on it, you will love that too...
especially the boot time!