Wipe or Not?

posted May 10, 2012, 8:35 AM by Unknown user

I am quite a geek, and not too proud to admit that I do like to have
the latest and greatest of toys to tinker with, and that is probably
in direct proportion to my urge to wipe my computer and install new
operating systems all the time. I sometimes wipe a drive a month, and
some times I will simply load a server OS, and go virtual with top
loads of either Hyper-V or VMWare images. It just depends on my
What is interesting is that my tinkering ways have brought me to a new
line of thought... I bet that most people don't, or don't want to wipe
their machines, they like the status quo...
As such, it would be such a person that would cruise along through
life, not knowing that their computer was infected with all sorts of
nasty stuff, and infecting others that they come in contact with over
the course of the machines life time...
I am thinking now, that maybe there should be a movement in IT, that
people should make a habit of backing up their Documents, Photos, and
Songs, and then just wipe their machines... at the minimum of once per
year; two or more times for the ones that simply like the computer to
run as fast as it was intended to run... nothing better than a clean
What are your thoughts? Do you think keeping a machine up and running
for 3 or 4 plus years, with the same OS and possibly 'up to date' anti
virus definitions is good enough? Or do you think I might have it
right in this line of thought? Wipe every year...

It's just a thought... possibly a good one...