Xbox and Win 7 Phone Developer SDK on 2008 Server

posted May 10, 2012, 8:22 AM by Unknown user
It's amazing to me that Microsoft doesn't think that developers
wouldn't favor 2008 Server, or any Server OS as their workstation OS
of choice.  However, MS for what ever reason, decided that dev's don't
need to install their Xbox/Phone SDK on Servers... This is a work

Be aware that the Windows Phone and Xbox Developer Tools are not
officially supported on operating systems other than Vista or MS
Windows 7.

However, with a little modification of one file, you can install them
on Windows Server 2008, if that is your Dev Box of choice.

Note: This process is not supported, you will be doing this at your own risk.

a)      Download the Windows Phone/XBox Developer Boot Strapper and
save it to a folder on your hard drive.

b)      To extract the setup package run: vm_web.exe /x from the
command prompt at the location you saved the Boot Strapper, and
choosing a path to extract the data.

c)      Go to the folder you extracted to and open the file
baseline.dat in notepad. Be sure to uncheck the option to always open
it with this program, don’t associate the dat file with the notepad
text editor.

d)     Look for the section named [gencomp7788], you will need to make
a couple changes.
- Change the value InstallOnLHS from 1 to 0

- Change the value InstallOnWin7Server from 1 to 0

e)      Save and close baseline.dat

f)       Then from the command line, run “setup.exe /web” from the
folder where everything is extracted.  Note: you must do the /web;
otherwise critical pieces of the developer toolset will not download.

g)      Once running you can expect 13 parts to be downloaded to your system.