Abila MIP 2020.1 to 2020.3 install

Post date: Jan 08, 2021 3:26:20 PM

Most Abila MIP upgrades are 2 parts. There is a server install, and then immediately following, a workstation install. As of 2020.2, Abila has input a 3rd part, and update tool. This tool has a known issue, whereby it changes SQL permissions on the database, and causes the program to crash. This 3rd part of the install is actually optional, and you can cancel out of it. If you cancel out of it, your install/upgrade of MIP will go smoothly without issue. However, if you just click through on the update tool portion of the install, it will break your installation and you will need to call Abila support to run manual commands in your SQL console to recover your installation.


Things to have on hand, your customer/software number

Your installation key in case you need to reinstall/restore from backup.

Recent backups. (in software and SQL databases as a failsafe).

Things you will be forced to do:

Your accounting staff will be required to change their password on an interval, either 90 days(default) or up to 1 year through settings. The password requirement is 8 digits (1 lower, 1 Caps, 1 number, and NO Symbols).