BCM Firmware Update takes Hyper-V VM's Offline

Post date: May 10, 2012 3:42:47 PM

PowerEdge 2950 BIOS; BCM Firmware Update takes Hyper-V VM's Offline

Today, because of an unrelated issue, it was advised by Dell to

upgrade BIOS and the BCM Drivers on a production 2950 running three

Hyper-V Virtual Machines.

After successful installations, and subsequent reboots the system came

up and acted fine as the host machine. What I didn't realize until I

started receiving alerts was that my VM's had no network connectivity.

First I checked each VM's settings, and verified the MAC Address to my

documentation, to make sure everything was otherwise set correctly...

it was.

Second I looked in to the Host machine's Network connections, and

found that they too looked fine, and all the settings were correct.

However, when I went to look at the virtual switch, I noticed that the

check mark for it was not selected, and upon selecting it, found that

it would not stick!

So, here is what I did to resolve this problem: I went in to the

Hyper-V control panel, and under Actions, selected the Virtual Network

Manager. I changed the Local Area Connection Network type to Private,

and clicked Apply. This went through fine. Then I went to put it

back on External, at first it wouldn't apply and an error occurred. I

went in and looked at the adapter settings, and found that the actual

Broadcom NIC had applied the Virtual Switch check box by itself. I

unchecked it, then tried to reset to External. This time it applied,

and the Virtual Switch came back online correctly.

Once again, went in and verified all the settings, and everything

looked perfect. I booted up the VM's and they came back online