Burger and Fries

Post date: Jan 30, 2018 10:19:37 PM

Fries -

Best to do outside; Use an outdoor BBQ side burner. Large 4 quart pan to boil the oil. (Infared thermostat to measure the temp). Use basket strainer spoon to lower fries in to oil. (approx 2" of oil.)

Use Canola oil for those with allergies, or Duck Fat cut with Peanut Oil for those that aren't allergic.

Bring oil to min of 325 degrees with max of 375 degrees and maintain temp while prepping the fries.

Use Kenebec potatos. Slice them into home fries, then soak in cold water. Move the fries around to rinse the starch off of the potatos. Then extract them, and pat them dry. (this is an important step).

Lower fries in to oil with basket strainer/spoon. Cook until golden brown, remove, and then immediately sprinkle kosher salt on to fries. Salt will bond to the surface of the fries. Kosher salt provides an excellent flavor to the fries.

Fry Sauce - homemade Thousand Island (portions posted later)

Best Foods Mayo

Sweet pickle relish

Barley Malt Vinegar

Worcestershire sauce



pinch of kosher salt

lemon rind

Whisk to combine


Cook sliced onions in beer, and cook down. Then remove onions and put in ketchup, put mix in smoker with apple wood for 1 hour. Take result, and blend until smooth.

The Burger -

Cast iron skillet

80/20 ground chuck (or as an option- Ground Turkey with finely diced bacon - Turkey patties should be 1/4" thick)

Make 4 ounce beef patties - put small amount of canola oil and brush on to plate surface, and back of other plate, put meat between plates and press until 1/2 thick. Remove meat and salt/pepper both sides. Then brush yellow mustard on both sides. Fry on cast iron.

(Fry until that first side is nearly burnt, should be crisp and dark. Flip and add cheese.

If you want red onion on the burger, slice thin, then soak slices in cold water until ready to plate. Pat Dry before plating.

Iceberg Lettuce notes: Take head of lettuce and pound it, with stem side down on table top, 2 quick thumps. Stem should just pop out. Take lettuce leaves, outer ones, and press flat. Cut them just larger than the bun size, in triangles. 2 leaves per burger.

Bun is a brioche bun. After removing burgers, add small amount of oil and turn off the heat. Put bun slices face down on pan and move around a little. Buns will use the oil and the oil will prevent the bun from sticking to surface. Butter or duck fat can also be used instead of oil.

Top Bun: ketchup only

Bottom bun: (this order) Mayo, pickle slices, red onion slices, iceberg triangles, then burger with cheese.

Malted Choc Shake to go with?

2 cups chocolate ice cream

6 tablespoons milk

4 tablespoons malted milk powder

Blend until fully incorporated.