Coaching Notes

Post date: Jul 21, 2017 3:12:41 PM

"It's not what you have done that matters, it's what you do next." - Dan

After a meeting or conversation with someone, ask yourself, do I have more energy now than I did or less...?

Who you are, is how you lead.

Be aware of the unintended consequences of inattention to your surroundings. When you walk by an office or set of cubicles lost in thought... are staff members trying to get your attention? Did someone try to talk to you? Your lack of attention can be sending a message that you don't care. Pay attention, make a concerted effort to look around and be alert when moving through the office, say hello and good morning to everyone.

When you are working with someone that is new at the job, and they appear frustrated, or in a bad temper, do not jump to the conclusion that they have a poor attitude. Assume first that they don't want to do a bad job, and are struggling to do better.

Asking for "help" is a face removing exercise. Be aware.

When someone goes out of their way to help you, overtime, over the top, beyond the 9-5 requirement, thank them, not only with the words thank you, but tell them what you were able to accomplish because they did it, and let them know that because they did it quickly you were able to make your deadlines.

"Help is defined by the person being helped" - Edgar Schein

People want to be a part of something that is meaningful.

What does it mean to coach? Teach, help to learn, help to orient, instruct, give example, assist in learning.

Notice behaviors - Observe, compliment, and thank for their value added.

Q: What feedback is the easiest to give? A: What was asked for!

"It's your life, you might want to get involved" - Kate by way of Dan

Understand the problem

- Don't settle for one solution