Codeweavers / WINE

Post date: May 10, 2012 3:29:57 PM

Now, I'm just going to put this out there to the multi-verse... I

would like to see either CodeWeavers, or some other company put out a

similar product, but, instead of making Windows apps run on Linux; I

would like to see OS X apps run on Linux.

You know, Linux and Unix/OS X are closely related. And, now that OS X

runs on the Intel platform, it seems to me that it would be much

easier to make OS X apps run on Linux versus getting Windows apps to

run. But, that is just me... I don't have the necessary skills to make

this happen, but, I think it is definitely something the Linux

community might want to explore... The primary reason people want to

use CrossOver, or similar WINE type systems, is to get applications

that they would otherwise lose by switching to Linux. OS X has made

some serious in-roads in the category of getting apps that will draw

Windows users to OS X, and has so many developers working full tilt to

develop these apps. Even Microsoft has seen the writing on the wall

and has knocked out a SilverLight port and developed Microsoft Office

2008/2011 for OS X.

I would love to run both Office 2011 and SilverLight (Netflix), and

for that matter, the Adobe Creative Suite on my Linux install...

Just sayin'... There are those that would pay for this ability... I

know I would...

Just a word about emulation/WINE, and the possibility of getting OS X

apps to run on Linux. If you do use these programs, be certain to buy

the windows or OS X applications that you want to run. Make sure that

you pay the developer his/her cost to own that program. The reason you

want to run it, is the same reason you should pay for it. Don't pirate

software, pay for your licenses.

(Just my 2 cents on this topic...)