Facebook feed on Chrome isn't loading correctly

Post date: Sep 07, 2018 4:9:23 PM

Chrome is an interesting browser, like IE back in the day, there are lots of configuration options, and lots of things that can break it. You have to learn the areas that Google has placed all the switches that give it functionality. One of the things that gives it more ability, is also one of the things that breaks it most, and that is the Browser Extension area.

Google built in a function called Incognito, which in essence, is the browser, with just default settings, no add-ons, no changes to the way it works. It also doesn't track you.

So, Facebook, it's a site that requires a pretty barebones browser to work correctly. If there are too many extensions, or just the wrong function in the way, it doesn't load correctly. For me, I had Grammerly enabled, and it was getting in the way. So, when I encounter this issue, I disable it, using this shortcut method. It can be a pain, or you can simply have a browser with as few mods as possible. It's your choice. Anyway, this is a quick run through on making a short cut that is for Incognito, and using it to switch on and off Chrome Extensions.

1. First, make a copy of your Chrome shortcut, that way you can access the browser as you normally would, once you’ve fixed the problem you’re having.

2. Find your copied Chrome shortcut, right click on it and select “Properties”. Be sure to Name it “troubleshooting” or something similar.

3. Select the “Target” field and add “–incognito” to the end of the command.

4. Click “Apply” and then “Ok” to save the changes.

5. Now, double click on the new shortcut to enter into a “Safe Mode/Incognito Mode” Chrome browser.

6. In the address bar, put “chrome://extensions” (minus the quote marks) into the browser’s address bar to view and change the extensions.

7. Disable each extension either all at once, or one at a time if you’re unsure which extension broke Chrome, simply switch them on and off, back and forth, until you figure out which one did it, using both shortcuts.