Going Green with Linux Thin Clients and Windows Terminal Server

Post date: May 10, 2012 3:24:14 PM

Is there a push in your Org to go green? I have the answer... at

least I have one that has been working for about a year now for me. (Update: working for 6 years now).

I set up several workstations with Ubuntu Linux installed, I call them

"Thin", because they are just basic installs, nothing added, they are

not technically what are marketed as Thin Clients...However, I hid

the tool bars, and have only two icons on the desktop.

The first Icon logs in to a Windows Terminal Server using rdesktop.

The second Icon shuts down the computer (BIOS is set to Auto Start the

Computer Daily just before Business Hours).

The beauty here is not just the savings in licensing of Windows and

Office Suites on each of the desktops, there is also the huge savings

on Power and Cooling of those PC's.

Windows Terminal Server 2008 is amazing, and can handle many users

simultaneously without issue.

As an Admin, having to only manage one windows box, and knowing that I

can do that through an RDP session is fabulous... I truly recommend

giving this a try.

Just so you have it... Create two Launchers on your linux desktop;

The command is: rdesktop -f -z server.yourdomainname.org/net/com

For Shutdown, the command is: shutdown -P now

The satisfaction for this overall effort goes both ways... For a truly

"Green" effort... the greeners get the fuzzy feeling of saving

energy, and you, as the admin get effort savings of only having to

manage one windows machine... works both ways!

Note: On some variations of Ubuntu/Mint Linux, there have been keymap

issues with the Caps Lock and arrow keys.

This can be corrected by editing a file: Edit


At the very bottom of the file, make sure that it reads:

Caps_Lock 0x3a capslock

Multi_Key 0x0 inhibit

Update: If you want to maximize your savings, you can use a Windows 64 bit install of Windows 10 Pro, and Install ThinStuff Server on it. It turns Win10 into a terminal server. The pro version of ThinStuff is worth every penny.


Pricing: https://www.thinstuff.com/licensing/