Google Apps for Business & iOS Mail App only syncs on WiFi

Post date: May 07, 2018 6:27:7 PM

If you have a work email account for Google Apps, and your work email and calendar are coming over to your iOS device through the Google Apps, Gmail, and Google Calendar, but, your built in iPhone email tool and contacts are not syncing, its because of a back end change on Google Suite. The fix is actually pretty straight forward.

You must have the Gmail app and Google Calendar installed and working. Then go to Settings on your iOS device

Tap Accounts & Passwords. Delete off any existing Google Work email accounts from the list.

Then, Add Account


Tap Next

Enter your G Suite email address (your work email address)

Enter a description, like work email

Tap Next in the upper right

Tap sign in/manual configuration when prompted down below.

Then a password box will appear. Type in your password for your G Suite Account.

(Note: if you have 2 factor enabled, you will have to create a App specific password, and type that into this box.)

Tap Next/Continue in the upper right.

After a while a new box will appear with server name and user account as options.

For server name, you must enter

For your user name, enter in your full work email address.

Tap Next.

Check marks will appear down a list of settings.

Once everything is checked, tap in the upper right to finish/save.

Now wait a few moments, your contacts, email, and calendar will start to synchronize once again.

Note: For some this is the only thing you need to do to reestablish email, calendar and contacts, but for others, the problem persists, and further is complicated by the onboard mail app working to get email while on wifi, but not on cellular.

There is a setting called "Cellular". Make sure Cellular Data is set to On.

(Also check and make sure LTE is set to either calls and data, or just data.)

Then continue down this same screen, note the apps that are allowed to use cell data.

You may see this:

If you do note that the slider is off for "Mail", just move it to the "on" position.

Email should start working again on both wifi and cellular.

See Google knowledge base article: