Google Drive as a Backup for all your personal files

Post date: Jun 25, 2014 8:18:37 PM

I discovered this very nifty tool the other day, and have been giving it quite a workout backing up various files.

What is interesting about it, is not that it, in and of itself, it is not a tool of a particular company like or, or sends the data to a company to some other corporate based backup destination, but rather, it is a relay program that has its sole purpose to send the data on to Google Drive from your computer, as Part of your Google Apps for Business account. Another feature of this tool, is that it does Not require you to have the source folder "Google Drive" and it does not need to be empty! This is huge for me. I needed to be able to upload existing files and folders, not create a new folder and copy the same files over, and hope they uploaded...

So, how does this work exactly? Just sign up for Google Drive, purchase some space, for me, it was the 1TB option for $10/month.

Install the software, point it to the source folder, then the destination, run a few little tweaks like, only upload, or bi-directional, and then let it start.

Note: Google Drive isn't very fast at taking large amounts of data... but it does work. I was able to upload about 600GB of data in about a week. Also Note: If you need to delete a large amount of data within a folder, it can take up to 48 hours before you see the changes shown in the control panel after the trash has been flushed.

So, here is that software link:

@MAX SyncUp is an advanced backup and data synchronization utility for home and office. It allows you to create backups or synchronize your files to a local folder, removable USB drive, networked computer or NAS, (S)FTP or WebDAV server or Google Drivecloud storage - all completely automatically. Moreover @MAX SyncUp can synchronize two computers directly over Internet by using the RSync-like algorithm which detects and transfers only the changed parts of files. @MAX SyncUp is the easiest way to back up and restore important files or keep your documents up to date on your desktop and laptop computers.

Kudos to the folks at Max Sync Up. They did an excellent job on this.