Google Maps and Waze

Post date: Jun 20, 2018 2:6:38 AM

Ok, so this is a bit of a rant,... when Waze first came out was a breath of fresh air, it gave you maps, plotted your route, and allowed you to interact with the map to let the system know that there was trouble on the route, car accident, pot hole, weather issue, etc. Other drivers were then alerted of the issue. It was a good balance of information to you, and information from you.

Over time, Waze started to implement advertising, it was small at first, you would see fast food and gas station logos in your map as you drove along. Not really a big deal. Not a deal breaker. You were still getting good information, and as a payment of that good info, you gave good information in return. It also has a social media aspect to it, which I never dove in to, but it is there.

Then I guess the small ads weren't enough, then full screen ads would pop up when ever you came to a stop. What is wrong with that you might ask? Well, for one thing, when you are following a map on your phone, even with it propped up in front of you, mounted on the dash, the only real time you have to actually "look" at your phone is when you are fully stopped. Usually at a traffic light. This is your chance to actually figure out your route, where you are going next and what alternate course you may be considering. It is at this time, prior to the new traffic law about touching your phone, your opportunity to update the system with traffic issues, congestion, etc. Now you have to touch, and talk to it, but that's a different issue... Instead of just having interface issues, now, you have this ad to deal with too, which takes far too much time from the few seconds you are at a light.

What bugs me the most about it, is that it threw off the in/out balance; you were getting useful info, and you were paying Waze back with "your time and effort" to feed into the system. Now, the Waze app not only asks for your input as payment, but also forces ads at you. I put up with the ads for a long time, after logging tens of thousands of miles on the system. I'm done though. I can't stand the advertising. No more full screen ads to deal with. I think Waze made a huge mistake, and its a shame because the system overall is good.

But with no way to stop the ads, no way to buy out of them, its basically just an ad machine. I can watch TV if I want ads pushed at me, I don't need it when I'm driving too. I'm done with Waze.

Now just an interesting anecdote, Waze was created in Israel, and when I was there last year, I noticed that the program updated itself, and all the ads went away. The moment I came back to the US, update again, then ads.

I think that is such BS. If you are going to force ads on everyone in the US, you should subject yourself to them as well.

Anyway, end of rant.