Homemade Pizza Dough

Post date: Aug 06, 2014 6:56:59 PM

Note: makes two pizza's roughly 16" round (Read through the instructions, and have everything ready to go prior to making)

4 1/8 cups bread flour (You can substitute All Purpose flour for a chewier crust, or half and half for something in between)

1 teaspoon raw sugar

1 packet instant dry yeast

1 tablespoon kosher salt

2 cups Piping Hot water (rolling boil)

4 tablespoons olive oil

Large Mixing Bowl

Mixing tool/Blade

Combine the flour and yeast in the bowl. Dissolve the salt and sugar in the hot water prior to mixing

When combining the dry ingredients is finished, add half of the olive oil to your dry mix ingredients, and then add the water to the ingredients in the bowl, and then quickly beat until the dough forms into a rough ball, (do not make the dough sticky, if you keep to the exact measure, it should not be sticky), it should be somewhat loose, gathered together but not tightly bound together and sticky. You can err on the dry side of having a very small amount of flour uncombined on the bottom of the bowl, when covered, this dry amount will absorb in to the mix readily.

If the dough gets sticky, don't panic, just add more flour, 1 tablespoon at a time, until the dough loosens in to a semi solid but mostly loose ball. You may need to use your hands to mix it if it gets to this point. If the dough is just too dry, you can add additional hot water, 1 tablespoon at a time. I use a butter knife to mix with, metal, thin, rigid, works well with dough, and just quickly turn it over and again until all the ingredients are combined.

Once the dough is this right consistency, cover the bowl with plastic wrap, and create an air-tight seal. The dough will rise to 1.5 - 2x its original size absorbing any loose flour mixture you weren't able to initially combine

Place the sealed bowl of dough in the fridge and wait. (for best results 1 full day, but at minimum 3 hours /180 minutes).

Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured cutting board or similar hard surface and then divide it into 2 equal parts. Cover each with additional plastic wrap and let it sit aside till needed.

While waiting; Pre-Heat the oven to 475 degrees. (yes you read that right.. very hot)

Roll the first part of the dough out to a loose 16" circle, (err on a thicker crust, do not over roll it till its cracker thin, or you won't be able to handle it), then dust very lightly with additional flour, on both sides as you work it, so that the dough does not stick to the rolling pin or your work surface.

When its the right size, (approx 16" round) and you are ready to transfer it to a pizza cooking sheet, sprinkle a small amount of corn meal over the entire surface and lightly rub it in to the dough. Do not leave the dough sitting on the surface for long, as it will tend to stick. Flip the dough over, and pull the pizza dough on to your lightly oiled pizza cooking tray/sheet, or wood pizza paddle that you will use to put the pizza in the oven with... add your sauce, cheese, toppings etc.

Take the remaining olive oil and lightly brush the oil on the outside rim of the dough. For added flavor and interest, sprinkle finely grated Parmesan cheese on to the oiled rim/surface.

When you have the toppings the way you like it, put it in the pre-heated oven and set the timer for 15-17 minutes. Walk away and don't open the oven until the timer goes off.

Pull out right when the timer goes off, set it aside for 7 minutes, to let the bubbling come to a stop, and for the cheese to settle.