HVAC Unit- cooling coils leaking coolant due to dissimilar metals used between the radiator and coils?

Post date: Apr 07, 2015 5:45:4 PM

If this is your problem, and your vendor has identified small pin hole size leaks in your server room cooling unit; there is an inexpensive way you can patch the unit up and get it working again if you vendor is willing to recharge the unit, with your patch in place.

First, turn off the thermostat/unit, and let the condensation/moisture dry up. use a spray cleaner to clean the coils; something with a light detergent amount - you don't want any grease or oil on the joint between the dissimilar metals that are leaking. Clean the surfaces and wipe dry.

Once you have the coils and joints clean and dry, you are ready to patch it.

The product I have had the best results with is called Bondic. The website it comes from is notaglue.com.

You will use the pen tool to coat the junction between the coil and the radiator covering the pin hole size leaks.

Make sure to completely coat the weld or bonded joint surfaces. It's not necessary to coat the entire coil, but do coat a little on either side of the joint itself. Patience and coverage is the key here.

Once the units joints are fully coated, however many rows there are, on both sides of the unit, cap the glue, pull out the UV light, and shine it on the glued surfaces.

Note: Take your time and go slowly from coil to coil, under and over. Make sure the light strikes all the glued areas moving the light under and around the coils pausing every centimeter to get adequate light on it.

Be thorough and take your time.

If you come across dry spots with the light, turn it off, and use the pen to apply more glue, coat the dry spots. Cap the pen and turn the light back on and shine it on the glued surface again.

Once you are sure that you have coated and dried the coils, touch various spots and make sure the glue is dry and doesn't come off on your fingers. If its hardened and good to go, get your vendor in there to recharge your cooling unit.

Its pretty amazing, this Bondic product works.