Hyper V on your Notebook

Post date: May 10, 2012 3:35:34 PM

One of the biggest issues with running 2008 Server with Hyper-V on a

notebook, is finding work-arounds for all the basics that you need to

have working. This particular note is how to quickly go about linking

your virtual machine to your wireless connection.

First, install the Hyper-V role and go ahead and link it to your wired

connection during install. Do the required reboots until the role is

fully up and ready.

Open the Network and Sharing Center, Click Change Adapter

Settings(Left Menu), You should see 3 network connections, the wired

one, a virtual one, and your wireless one. Drag a box using a

depressed left mouse button and pull it across the virtual connection

and your wireless connection. Select "Advanced" from the drop down

menu and Select "Bridge Connections".

Now open your Hyper-V manager and create your virtual machine. You

will now be able to add a virtual nic that will be able to connect to

the wireless connection on the host machine provided you have mapped

it to the virtual network connection.

Note: you can always go back in and edit the bridge settings and bond

in the physical nic as well as the wireless connection to the virtual

adapter. In this way, any connection you make, be it wired or wireless

will automatically be used by the VM to connect to the internet.