LG Dishwasher -Model LDF5545ST.

Post date: Apr 16, 2021 1:29:51 AM

We have had our LG LDF5545ST Dishwasher since 2017. During the first year factory warranty period, we seemingly burned through 3 control panels. During the next 3 year extended warranty period, we burned through 5 more, including a component that was on the lower right side of the dishwasher, which I forgot to ask the LG Tech what it was. Regardless, this Dishwasher has had a lot of replacements. With that said, our extended warranty was very valuable, and hats off to LG on Twitter for helping me out in getting the extended warranty honored, they were amazing.

Each LG tech that came out had a different story why the dishwasher was having issues, one said that we were using it too much, one said that there was a bad seal, another said the control panel wasn't water proof and the new one was, etc, etc.

Aside from this post saying that you should definitely get an extended warranty, the impetus and point of this post is actually something completely different.

There is a fluke, or bug, or weird thing that happens to our dishwasher, and maybe you too are experiencing it since you have searched and come across this post....

Our dishwasher every 3 months or so; it just seems to die. The control panel doesn't respond, it goes dark, the touch controls won't light up. This is the same exact behavior that has prompted the control panel to be replaced several times. I now wonder if all those replacements were necessary....

What is odd, or could be said to be interesting about all of this; is that it can be temporarily rectified easily.

Turn the circuit breaker off to your dishwasher: Open the dishwasher door, along the inside top of the door - take off the Phillips screws along the inside top edge, and then just one on each side down the left and the right side of the dishwasher. This should make it so that you can pull the control panel off.

Now, there is a single wire that goes to the panel from inside the door. Squeeze the small tab gently and disconnect the wire from the plastic base where it plugs in. Once removed, plug it back in. Put the panel back on, put the screws back in, don't tighten more than just sinking the screw in, don't add any force to it. Go to your fuse box and turn the breaker on. When you do, touch the power on the control panel. It should light up, good as new. Ours has been doing this like I said, every 3 months or so since the warranty ended.

I hope this post helps someone.

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