Microsoft Server 2012 setup as AD Domain Controller

Post date: Feb 28, 2013 10:59:18 PM

Microsoft's 2012 server is so Easy to add to the domain and then make in to an additional domain controller, its absolutely painless. You don’t have to do anything special!

I just installed 2012, named it, gave it a static ip, joined it to the domain, then ran the role/service to make it a domain controller. It does absolutely everything, it runs adprep, forestprep, dcpromo, and adds the new domain controller to sites and services and starts replication by itself, replicates DNS forward and reverse lookup, and updates SysVol. I didn’t have to do hardly anything… the only thing it didn’t do is DHCP, which is good, because I currently have a split scope between the two existing controllers. Once I have that moved over, I’m going to demote the oldest DC.

I’m quite frankly blown away, impressed, what else can I say?