MS Sender ID Framework

Post date: May 10, 2012 3:43:13 PM

The Sender ID Framework is an e-mail authentication technology

protocol that helps address the problem of spoofing and phishing by

verifying the domain name from which e-mail messages are sent. Sender

ID validates the origin of e-mail messages by verifying the IP address

of the sender against the alleged owner of the sending domain. Now

adopted by more than 10 million domains worldwide, Sender ID is

providing brand owners, senders, and receiving networks with

significant business and technical value.

How does Sender ID Framework work?

Sender sends an e-mail to Receiver.

Receiver’s inbound e-mail server receives e-mail and calls its Sender

ID Framework.

The Sender ID Framework looks up the SPF record of the domain that

Sender is using for sending the mail.

The receiving Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) determines if the outbound

Mail Server IP address matches IP addresses that are authorized to

send mail for the user.