Natural Disaster Mitigation

Post date: Jun 18, 2013 12:34:53 PM

Natural Disaster Mitigation

Earthquake Disaster Mitigation - a Strategy

Before the Earthquake

  • Check for hazards in the home/work place

  • Identify safe places in each room

  • Locate safe places outdoors

  • Ensure all family members and co-workers know how to respond after an earthquake

  • Teach your adults/parents/staff/children when and how to call 9-1-1

  • Have disaster supplies on hand and broken up in different places in the building, in case an area has a collapse

  • Develop an emergency communications plan in case of separation during an earthquake

  • Ask an out-of-state business, relative or friend to serve as the remote contact as local lines may be down

  • Use Text Messaging to communicate, as in a disaster, Cell Tower Calls may be blocked

During the Earthquake

  • If indoors: Take cover under a piece of heavy furniture or against an inside wall and stay inside, keep away from glass

  • If outdoors: Move into the open, away from buildings, street lights, and utility wires and remain there until shaking stops

  • If in a moving vehicle: Stop quickly, stay in vehicle, move to a clear area away from buildings, bridges, or utility wires

After the Earthquake

  • Be prepared for after shocks

  • Help injured or trapped persons and give first aid where appropriate

  • Listen to a battery operated radio for emergency information

  • Stay out of damaged buildings and return home only when authorities say it is safe to do so

  • Server Room Accessible? Servers down? Do you have an offsite backup? Online Backup? Do you have Virtual Copies of those Servers handy (Hyper-V or vmware)? What about remote email backup (Google Apps or Office 365 as a Failover)?