Online Backup

Post date: May 10, 2012 3:39:27 PM

Check out If you have a Windows or Mac, and have

TB's worth of connected data, and your Desktop OS is a desktop OS, not

server class; then Backblaze is definitely something you will want to

read about.

For under $4/month, you can back up your entire hard disk...

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Also Check out

Jungle Disk Desktop Edition - $3 a month, plus $.15/GB; upload all

your photos, music, and work files to a safe off-site repository... if

you lose your hardware, it's damaged in fire, or just stolen, your

data is safe, and can be restored easily to your new setup.

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Or, if you would like something that is very robust, and works

reliably, and you just want to have the knowledge that its taken care

of, check out Pricing is $6/month and covers 50GB of backup,

each additional 20 GB of space for $2 per month more. See Pricing Tab

for further info.