Switching from iOS to Android? (iOS Contact including /iMessage problem)

Post date: Jan 10, 2014 3:36:35 PM

[UPDATE Nov 2014] Apple finally addressed this issue. You can solve the problem simply by going here: https://selfsolve.apple.com/deregister-imessage

If you have already traded in your iPhone for that new 5"+ Android phone you have been waiting for, you may have found that there are some issues contacting old friends. There are some known issues contacting others with an iPhone that you use to communicate with fluidly through iMessage. You may also have lost a bunch of contacts that you would like to transfer to Google's Gmail. Below are steps to resolve both.

Here's how:

Go to icloud.com on your laptop/desktop, sign in with your iTunes username/password, and then open your contacts in there with the contacts shortcut on the dashboard, and download them as vCard format to a place you can find them easily, make sure to “Select All” before clicking download. Once saved, you will have all your contacts. (keep the browser tab open).

The next step is to use Gmail. Open new browser tab; If you have an account that you want to use, great, if not, create one, its free.

Once created, go in to contacts and import the vCard contacts that you exported from iCloud to your new Gmail.

Once they are imported, you will easily be able to link your contacts to the new phone.

Sign in to the Gmail account on your new phone, and make sure contacts is set to Sync. All your contacts will flood in the new phone from Gmail.

When you’re done with contacts, open the iCloud tab, and click on find iPhone, then do the dialogue that says select device, and click on your old iPhone. Once selected, click “remove” device. Your old phone will be removed from iTunes and iCloud and won’t be an issue going forward.

You can then manage your Android phone from www.google.com in the Dashboard.