Whirlpool Model ED5GVEXVD05 Fridge shuts off

Post date: Jul 21, 2017 2:12:23 PM

Our Whirlpool fridge was running terrific for about 5 years, and recently it had an issue where it would be running then all of a sudden it would just stop running, and it would stay off. The ice would melt, the fridge would get warm. We learned by playing with it, that if we turn it off using the knobs inside the fridge, turn off the freezer and fridge, wait a few minutes, then turn them back on, the fridge would start up again, and run. Sometimes for a day, sometimes for a few hours. Usually long enough to make ice, and then have it melt on us again.

So, not knowing what was wrong, and getting lots of advice we started replacing parts.

We started with the Whirlpool W10189190 Start Device and it's accompanying Capacitor 2169373. These parts are on the back of the fridge at the ground level. Very easy to replace. They however did not fix the fridge, but now we have new parts of these in place anyway.

Then we got the Whirlpool W10366605 Refrigerator Adaptive Defrost Control Board, which is housed in a panel at the front of the fridge, my eye level, just inside on the right. It's a small circuit board that is mounted with 2 screws. The panel is a bit of a pain to remove, but the board itself is easy to swap out. When the swap happened, there was a noticeable difference in the way the fridge acted on start up. It sounds funny but it started up and ran stronger for lack of a better phrase. It just seemed to operate better. However, this too was not the problem, and the fridge cut out sometime in the night, with the ice melting again.

The next part we purchased was the Flexvision 2198202 Refrigerator Cold Control Thermostat. This part is probably the biggest pain to replace. It starts in the same location as the adaptive defrost board, at the front of the fridge, eye level, but is secured in place with more screws, and it has a sensor wire that stretches to the back of the fridge through a molding that runs along the top left of the inside. What isn't clear when purchasing this device, is that it replaces the refrigerator temperature control knob at the same time. It is the whole back end to that assembly, and the wire that runs back is the sensor for it's turning on and shutting off, which is what our problem was... apparently this replacement part addresses 3 conditions. 1) your fridge won't stop running 2) it's off and won't turn back on, and 3) it won't maintain the correct temperature. Ours was kind of a combination of 2 and 3.

For the purpose of this post, it would appear that the part that needed to be replaced was in fact the Cold Control Thermostat. However, it certainly didn't hurt to replace all the other parts, and who knows, maybe it will run better/longer this way?

(Update) When I replaced the Flexvision 2198202 - The fridge worked again, but, it had a distinct problem. The fridge side was now also a freezer. I played with the temperature control knob, and found a balance point between completely off and on, where the fridge was working, but, not really well. We went quite a while and I did more reading, and everything pointed to needing to replace this same last part again, with an OEM version. I was just about to buy a new one, and on a whim started to read the comments about the part. One of the reviewers indicated that the part he received wasn't calibrated, and that his fridge was freezing stuff too! I then started to research. Apparently, there is a small slit with a circular opening, and inside is a flat head screw adjustment. I took my panel apart again, and found the hole with the screw. The screw needs to be turned 4x clockwise. I reassembled everything, and now the fridge is working like it's supposed to.